September 29, 2021
Virtual Event

Factsheet for Registered Employers

Want to make the most of Career Fair and our virtual platform but aren’t sure how? Not to worry, we’ve got this one covered – here are the top five tips to help you successfully navigate P4E’s virtual job fair. Just want a quick overview? This six-minute video is a great place to start:  
  1.  Learn the platform in advance of the virtual fair. 
  • There are a lot of valuable functions in the CareerEco platform: group and individual chat, one-on-one video calls, video and/or audio broadcasts and the ability to create custom candidate reports. 
  • To ensure you take full advantage of what the platform has to offer there are  instructional video tutorials available to you after logging into the website.  
  • Consider logging in a few days in advance with your team members to test out the platform and make sure everyone feels confident going into the fair! 
  • After the fair you can download your chat logs, information about students who entered your booth (including resumes if they uploaded one) and access information about all students who attended the event. 
  1. Put a face to your booth and organization.  
  •  Similar to how you would review a student’s resume and/or portfolio, students like to do their research on employers before applying to jobs. Students often look up employers to get a better sense of the company’s culture and employee engagement. We recommend taking advantage of the company profile page available to you on the platform to perfect your employer brand. Feel free to brand your booth, link to your website and social media accounts, upload videos and documents and post jobs!  
  • Students are able to see your chat schedule before the event. You can have multiple chat topics during the day as long as the times don’t overlap (i.e. webinar from 9 to 9:29, general chat from 9:30 to 10:59, webinar about engineering positions from 11 to 1). 
  1. Organizing and staffing your booth. 
  • Think about how you want to use our platforms features when staffing your booth. If you will be live streaming a presentation or answering questions via video or audio you may want to consider having other staff available to chat with students individually.  
  • We recommend scheduling three to five staff members to allow for fast responses to students in both private and public chat rooms. The required number of staff members for your booth will likely depend on the size of your company and the number of roles you’re currently looking to fill.  
  • If your organization is seeking candidates for positions in multiple departments, try your best to staff your booth with a representative from each of these areas. This ensures that all student questions will be answered no matter which role they are interested in.   
  • The event will be open from 9 to 5, you are welcome to schedule your day however you wish. At our fall event some employers took a break at lunch, others had shifts of staff so they could be present for the entire day, others set reduced hours (a lot of these employers ended up staying live later than they intended due to student interest).  
  1. Don’t leave students hanging – acknowledge them like you would at an in-person fair.  
  • Chances are you’re probably going to generate a “line up” of students at some point during the day. At an in-person fair, you would likely acknowledge a line of students with some form of nonverbal communication. Be sure to send students waiting for a response, a quick note letting them know you’ve seen their message and will get back to them as soon as possible.  
  • There is a function that allows you to set your status as busy which prevents students from sending you any new private messages. This can be very useful in allowing you to get caught up on your messages.  
  1. Prepare answers to FAQ in advance! 
  • At every fair, there’s always going to be those frequently asked questions you’ll hear throughout the day. Save yourself time on the day of the fair, by preparing a list of anticipated questions along with the associated answers. The platform also allows you to set up stored messages where you can upload responses expected to be used multiple times during the fair. Using this function, you have the option to send the stored message directly into the chat or personalize it to include the student’s name who’s asking the question. This is a quick and easy way to avoid having to retype answers to repeated questions throughout the day! 

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