Wednesday, September 26, 2018 10 am - 3:30 pm
Manulife Sportsplex at RIM Park, Waterloo, ON

Why You Should Attend

  • Whether you have jobs today or will have jobs in the future, our students and alumni want to know more about your organization and potential careers
  • Reduce your time, effort and recruitment costs
  • Contact approximately 2,500 to 4,000 students and alumni from four institutions on the same day

Please Note: Attendance at the Fair is restricted to organizations representing the recruiting needs of the participating organization. Promotion of products and/or services for any other purpose is not permitted.

You will meet students and alumni from all disciplines including:

  • Business
  • Computer Science
  • Hospitality
  • Accounting
  • Health Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Social Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Agriculture
  • Physical Sciences
  • ... and more!

For a comprehensive listing of each school’s academic programs and courses, please visit the websites listed below:

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