February 2, 2022
Virtual Event

Preparing for the Fair

Connect with your Career Centre to receive a link to setup your account for the event.

  • You can review job postings, learn more about employers attending, and tell employers you are interested in them through the event platform.
  • On the day of Career Fair you’ll be able to connect with employers though group and individual chat, and video during their live hours; the event runs from 9 to 5 but each employer is able to set their own hours during that time.
  • A list of participating organizations is available here

Prior to the Event

Set Up An Account 

  • Our event is powered by CareerEco, your Career Centre can provide a link to set up your account. 


  • You can find information about the employers attending on the event platform, including job postings. 
  • Knowing about an organization can help you to stand out.
  • Research gives you material to use in the conversations, shows initiative and allows you to ask relevant questions about the organization.

Update Your Resumé

  • Update your resumé for the event. You are able to upload it into your profile on our event platform to be viewed by potential employers.


  • Don’t “wing it.” Practice how will you introduce yourself and know what knowledge, skills, and attitudes you want to highlight.
  • Make sure your profile on LinkedIn is polished and updated, it may help to have someone else review it. Clean up other social media.
  • Have important talking points posted close by, you can cut and paste them directly into the chat!

Be Tech Ready

  • Test your internet and video connections and familiarize yourself with the event technology. You’ll be connecting with employers mainly through group chat but some may request a one-on-one chat or a video chat.

Camera Tips

  • Don’t sit in front of a bright source of light, like a window, or underneath an overhead light.
  • Be aware of what shows up in your camera frame. Make sure your surroundings and background are clean and as professional as possible.


  • Dress professionally, always from head to toe. You never know when you may need to stand up!

During the Event

  • Use clear professional language and be prepared to take notes. Don’t use text talk or emojis in communications.
  • It may be helpful to have some text written before the event that you can use in chats with employers.
  • Employers are able to download chat logs after the event and will see a history of who entered their booth.


  • When you enter the group chat it will be helpful to scroll up to see what conversation has already taken place.
  • Feel free to expand on, or ask questions about, conversations the employer is having with other candidates but don't take over the conversation.
  • Some employers may not have enough staff available to have individual chats with everyone.
  • Do not eat, chew gum, smoke or drink during a video chat. At the end of a video chat make sure you’ve left the chat before doing or saying anything further.


  • Try to avoid having any distractions around you.
  • Be aware of what the employer may see or hear. Inform anyone you live with that you will be unavailable.

 Body language

  • Display confident body language, avoid fidgeting and limit hand gestures. Make eye contact.
  • Practice looking into the camera and not your own image on screen.

Ask for Next Steps

  • Make a note of contact information and preferred method of communication.
  • Employers may have you apply online for positions, be sure to mention your conversation at the fair in your cover letter.

After the Event

Follow up!

  • Send thank you notes.
  • Connect on LinkedIn.
  • Follow-up on any suggestions they may have given.

Connect with your Career Centre:

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